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KYK Keratin Tamed and In-Control Shampoo, Conditioner & Keratin Repair and Restore Hair Mask are owned and Made in Australia. 

No. They are ALL sulphate, paraben and formaldehyde free. The range is formulated with high quality ingredients developed with hand picked ingredients by a personal care formulation chemist to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the results.

Yes the Keratin Repair and Restore Hair Mask can be used on its own and you will still see results as the hair mask is the HERO product as part of the trio.

It is not recommended to use the shampoo and conditioner on their own as the KYK Keratin home-care range has been developed as a three step process and the hair mask is an important part of the trio so without it you will not achieve the intended results. 

The KYK Keratin Tamed and In- Control Shampoo, Conditioner and Keratin Repair and Restore Hair Mask have all been developed to compliment each other.

The Keratin home-care range has been developed as a hair wash routine and can be used in your shower as often as you need to wash your hair. There is no blanket rule. 

Yes it is very safe to use even while pregnant as the formulation has been developed with high-quality ingredients to ensure the safety of the Keratin home-care range.

Yes it is safe to use on blonde and coloured hair. It has been tested on coloured and bleached hair several times to ensure its safety, but a patch test is also recommended before trying any new products to ensure it is suitable for you. 

It has also been tested to ensure there is no build up of silicone on the hair shaft that could affect bleaching hair. For blondes and coloured hair, you can also still use a toner to help with maintaining your colour as long as you finish off with the keratin repair and restore hair mask as the last product in the shower. 

It is recommended to be using approximately 50 grams of hair mask to get good coverage all over the hair so that it is thoroughly and evenly distributed. Ensure you rinse the hair mask out very well before jumping out of the shower. 

It is recommended to leave the hair mask in your hair for approximately 10 minutes but no longer than 30 minutes. We do not suggest to leave the hair mask in overnight. Results will be evident after leaving the hair mask in for as little as 10 minutes. 

The keratin Home Care trio will not leave your hair oily as long as you are washing out the products thoroughly. It is important to wash your hair twice with the shampoo to get a very good cleanse as any buildup of oil can lead to oily hair. The first wash of shampoo will remove any grease or products from the hair shaft and the second wash will cleanse the scalp.

In general avoid touching your hair a lot after drying it even if it feels smooth and soft as the more you touch your hair the more likely your hair becomes oilier.

It is recommended to use approximately four pumps of shampoo for the roots of your hair and another four pumps of shampoo on the ends of your hair. Ensure your hair is wet before applying the shampoo, this will help with the lathering process. 

The results are thermo active which means if you let your hair dry naturally you will not achieve tamed result your hair will naturally dry frizzy like after using any normal regular hair wash product. So it is highly recommended that after washing your hair with the Keratin Home Care trio that you blow dry it and style it straight after to see it’s optimum results. 

Yes this range can be used even on curly hair. If you wish to keep your natural curls after washing your hair with the Keratin Home Care trio simply use a diffuser on your curls to dry them. The Keratin home-care trio range has no long-term affect on your curl pattern it will not break the bonds of your hair like an in salon keratin treatment and therefore your curl will not be affected in anyway in the long run. 

The quality of the blow dryer used will play a role in the effectiveness of the results you achieve. It is highly recommended to use a professional salon quality blow dryer as the high heat temperature is a lot more effective when drying off the hair, not only will your hair dry a lot faster but the results will be a lot smoother, softer and more tamed. We recommend the Parlux Power Light 385.

Yes it is safe to use on children and just as affective on them. 

The unique formulation of the keratin repair and restore hair mask has proven to provide revolutionary results. It’s the first hair mask that can be used in the shower for 10 minutes that will help leave the hair a lot more tamed once heat activated with a professional blow dryer. Not only will it work on keratin treated hair but also on consumers that have never had a salon keratin treatment before. 

It has FOUR Australian Native ingredients: Emu Apple, Davidson Plum, Mountain Pepper berry and Snowflower. It’s enriched with Kaempferol and Quercetin to help the hairs development and maintenance; revitalising the hairs appearance whilst restoring lustre and sheen.

Yes we recommend you BRUSH your hair very well with a detangle or paddle brush after jumping out of the shower. Parting your hair as desired and then drying in a DOWNWARDS motion. Keep the nozzle of the blow dryer close the hair while brushing downwards with your fingers or a brush. 

All results may vary depending on the application of the products, the drying tool used and the drying technique. It will help tame the hair a lot more than any other hair wash product on the market but may not necessarily leave it completely straight on all hair types. However with the use of an iron you will find the results will be a lot faster and easier to achieve straight hair. When the three step process is completed correctly it is possible to get straight hair by just drying it off with fingers. 

No the keratin is not a replacement to the salon keratin treatment as it does not change the hair structure permanently. Keratin salon treatments will change the hairs shape for a long period of time (approx 3 months) however the keratin home care trio will prolong the time between salon keratin treatments.

Yes the keratin home care trio is designed to prolong the life of a keratin salon treatment. 

So by using the KYK Keratin home care range you will find that your keratin salon results will last longer than usual. It helps to add keratin back into the hair shaft over time even when your keratin begins to breakdown. 

The KYK Keratin Home Care range is designed to work as your hair wash routine. So it will only last until the next time you wash your hair. 

Yes. It is also effective on male hair types. 

Yes with the formulation of these products using high quality ingredients there are several components in the mix that will help damaged and dry hair. Emu Apple Cellular Extract offers naturally derived activity for hair conditioning. Glycerin helps in strengthening the hair, leading to less formation of split ends. Shea butter also helps to heal the scalp, and repair damaged hair. Argan oil strengthens dry, brittle hair and conditions hair to lock in moisture. It also helps to smooth frizz and split ends as well as provide softness. 

After washing your hair with the KYK Keratin Home Care products it may not feel soft while wet, but once it’s thermo activated and dried off with a professional dryer then it will feel softer, areas that are compromised such as ends may need to be pressed over with an iron to bring out the extra softness and shine. 

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All sales are final once processed, there are no refunds or transfers/credits on any products/orders. 

However, in the rare occurrence that you receive a faulty or damaged product, please notify the KYK Hair Care team on to discuss available options.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and After Pay. We do not accept personal cheques or money orders.

Once an order has been processed we are unable to modify or cancel it. 

Please contact us at before your order i s marked as fulfilled. Once your order has been marked as shipped it is your responsibility to cover any re-direction/shipping fees.

All the KYK Hair Care products are formulated with no sulphates, parabens or harmful/toxic chemicals. 

If you have any sensitivities or allergies to any listed ingredients you should not use these products. All products are formulated from ingredients which are used across the industry, and are lab-tested and reviewed to ensure compliance with all necessary safety standards and government regulations. Our products do not claim to be therapeutic or medicinal in any way.

KYK Hair Care does not condone nor test its products on animals. 

Yes all our products created are Vegan. However the KYK Keratin Keratin Home Care Trio are not, as the keratin element used is derived from feathers.

KYK Hair Care products are formulated and made in Australia and PRC

Made by a professional for professionals and consumers, these products are designed and formulated to help assist and benefit the craft of styling. Long and careful consideration has been taken to formulate the combination of ingredients when producing our range.

Yes, we focus on high customer satisfaction with all of our products so pushing poor products is not an option. Having created a name in the industry showcased by our work we have to use the best tools/products available. As the saying goes, You’re only as good as your tools!

Root me has been uniquely formulated with a combination of a biomimetic peptide blended with a biotechnological complex from botanical origin that works synergistically to not only assist with hair growth, but also revitalises hair fibres, providing resistance, elasticity, and shine. 

Biotin, Soy Protein, Panthenol, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Onion Extract, Red Clover Flower Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Arginine and Niacinamide  

The 50ml bottle will last approximately 6 weeks but this depends on the surface area you are covering and if you are applying Root Me once or twice a day. If you use it for a specific affected area only you will get upto 6 weeks out of a bottle. 

We recommend using two bottles to get as close to 12 weeks of use to see improved results.  

Root Me is a scalp serum that is to be applied directly on the scalp ONLY. Do NOT use it on the rest of your hair as it is formulated to stimulate the roots of your hair. You can apply it all over your scalp or on specific areas you want to improve.

Yes, Root Me has been formulated to work on both males and females. The formula has been tested on males and has proven to work. View before/after photos for your reference, as proven significant visible results are shown even for males.  

Each individual will see results at different stages. Results will vary depending on how often and frequent you use the product. 

On average we recommend using the product for at least 12 weeks, but results can start appearing from as early as 3 weeks if used twice a day. Take a before photo so you have something to compare with, hair density in its early stages can sometimes be harder to identify with the naked eye.

Root Me is a water based formula so it can be applied daily. We recommend drying your hair off after using it just as you would after the shower to avoid your natural oils coming up to the surface of the hair shaft. Root Me will not leave ur hair oily unless applied excessively and left to air dry. 

Yes it can be used twice a day (morning and night).

This will depend on the surface area you want to cover. Only a few drops is all you need as it is water based so it spreads easily. Release the dropper and rub the product into the scalp and see how much it covers before applying more drops.  

Yes absolutely. Root Me is developed with a combination of peptide, plant and herbal extract based ingredients. No harmful chemicals and no toxins, safe to use. 

Yes it can be used even on children, applied by a guardian/parent. Root Me is developed with a combination of peptide, plant and herbal extract based ingredients. No chemicals and no toxins, safe to use. 

Yes absolutely. It is developed to target hair issues like thinning and hair loss formulated with scientifically proven ingredients to focus on assisting those functions. Root Me is a scalp serum designed to aid hair growth overall.  

It is best used on wet hair after the shower while the pores of your scalp and hair cuticles are open as it will penetrate deeper. It can also be used on dry hair.  

Australian Made and Owned.  

Yes. It contains a botanical alternative to animal origin keratin, designed to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. 

Yes, Root Me has been lab tested and proven. Testing have been conducted on both male and female participants of different ages.  

The KYK keratin home care trio have scientifically proven ingredients (Kaempferol and Quercetin) that help with hair growth. We highly recommend using Root Me and the KYK keratin home care trio as your hair wash range weekly. This range is also available on our website. 

1. The KYK keratin home care trio assists with growth. The keratin tamed and In control shampoo, conditioner and the keratin repair and restore hair mask as these are enriched with Kaempferol and Quercetin.

2. Mist-ique has 8 nourishing oils in one formula. It assists with the overall health of the hair and scalp. 

3. The Snatch Me Brush is perfect on wet and dry hair. It’s nylon pins massage while brushing and this stimulates the scalp, assisting circulation and blood flow. It also helps brush out the grit in the hair, while distributing the hairs natural oils through out the hair.  

Root Me is designed for anyone that wants assistance with hair growth in general. Root Me is like a hair fertiliser it will help with the density of the hairs on your scalp.   

If used all over the scalp consistently for the recommended duration (minimum 3 months) then yes it will assist thicken the density of the hair overall.  

Root Me is 50ml, larger than your reference market growth serums that are usually 30ml.

Yes as it is a water based product it is safe to use with permanent extensions installed.  

Yes after applying Root Me style your hair as desired.  

Apply it after going to the gym and showering because its a topical product. if you apply it before a workout then wash your hair, you will be washing it off.

Yes absolutely. It will help with beard growth. Recommended up to twice a day, everyday for minimum three months.  

Root Me is NOT to be applied on eyelashes as it is a very invigorating formula using ingredients that will be sensitive to your eyes. If you change the dropper to a different applicator it is safe and effective for eyebrows also. Alternatively you can use the excess product from you fingers after massaging your scalp to rub into your eyebrows. 

It is a perfectly blended combination of cinnamon, clove and lavender.  

No Silicones, Parabens, SLS, SLES, Phthalates or Gluten. Only clean ingredients used in this formula.  

Currently, ONLY to the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Please allow up to 15 business days. Tracking will be provided on all orders. COVID restrictions and the effect of this across every service required to deliver parcels has caused major delays for international orders, in excess of 40 days. Postal services are out of our control, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please allow up to 10 business days. Tracking will be provided on all orders. COVID restrictions and the effect of this across every service required to deliver parcels has caused major delays for national orders, in excess of 20 days. Postal services are out of our control, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

On average between 2 to 4 months; however we recommend treatments every 3 months to keep results consistent.

There are many contributing factors to the outcome of your results and the longevity of the treatment, such as the hair type and the use of the KYK Keratin Aftercare Kit. Factors that breakdown the treatment include: chlorine, salty water, bleach, excessive washing, paraben and sulphate products

As part of the process, the last step is to wash and condition the hair before seeing the results. Once the hair has been washed in the salon there is no waiting period before the next wash. 

NOTE: The less the hair is washed the more likely the treatment will hold for longer in the hair shaft.

Yes, once the treatment is washed in the salon and dried off, the hair can be tied and styled as desired. 

Each hair type will vary with its results, but generally curling your hair with a straightener or curling tool is not a problem.

Yes it can be as there are no harmful chemicals or ingredients used in the formulation of this product. It does not produce harmful smoke or vapours during its process. It does not release bad odours or give teary eyes.

there are no age restrictions as such and it can be done on children but it can be a lengthy process making it difficult for a child to sit patient for 3 to 4 hours depending on hair length. 

For the best possible results it is reccomended to use the KYK Keratin Home Care Kit. It involves Keratin Tamed and In-Control Shampoo, Conditioner and KYK Keratin Repair and Restore Hair Mask. These 3 products have been formulated to protect the hair strands from damaging external factors and to maintain the treatment for longer. 

The hair mask is to be used once a week or after being in contact with damaging external factors such as, salty water, excessive sun, chlorine or bleach. The mask works as a home care treatment between SILKATIN Treatments at the salon. The Home Care Kit will help rejuvenate the hair shaft, restore keratin and radiance back in the hairs cortex. 

Each product contains four Bioactive Complex Extracts: Emu Apple, Davidson Plum, Mountain Pepper Berry and Snowflower.

These are ENRICHED with Kaempferol and Quercetin to support the DEVELOPMENT and MAINTENANCE of hair, revitalising your hairs appearance whilst restoring lustre and sheen. Without the use of the KYK Keratin Aftercare Kit you compromise the integrity and longevity of the treatment.

It is important to assess the health of the hair before reapplying another treatment. To maintain the treatment it can be re-done as early as 8 weeks.

Yes, it can be used on both blonde and bleached hair. However, it is important to reduce the heat of the ironing tool down to 180-200° Celsius (356-392° Fahrenheit) when straightening the hair. This is also applicable for fragile and red hair. 

If the state of the hair is too damaged or broken it is not recommended to carry out this treatment. Also be aware that the colour of the blonde or bleached areas can possibly change due to the heat application step of the process. 

If you still have doubts, it is reccomended to perform a patch test to see what the results will be like.

NOTE: Bringing the temperature down may compromise the results of the keratin treatment. Make an educated decision with your client about choosing whether to compromise the results or hair colour.

Not on all occasions will this treatment change the shade of hair colour. If your hair colour lifts, or you notice a change in shade of colour, we recommend lowering the heat temperature to between 180-200° Celsius (356-392° Fahrenheit).

NOTE: Bringing the temperature down may compromise the results of the keratin treatment. Make an educated decision with your client about choosing whether to compromise the results or hair colour.

It is recommended to wait atleast 14 days after your SILKATIN Treatment before colouring or bleaching your hair. The longer you wait to colour or bleach, the better. Be advised, the results of your keratin treatment can be compromised with the use of bleach as it breaks down the hair shaft and strips it. If essential, a 20% bleach solution, and the use of ammonia free colouring, is to be used to help with the longevity of SILKATIN. We recommend using the KYK Keratin Aftercare Kit to help with repairing damaged hair and allowing the hair shafts to hold the treatment for longer. The Keratin Repair and Restore Hair Mask is essential after colouring your hair and should be used the same day as the colour service. 

Note: It is at your own discretion if you choose to colour your hair before the recommended 4 weeks. Seek professional advise before doing so to ensure the safety of your hair; compromised hair should NOT be coloured. 

No it does not have formaldehyde in it. SILKATIN is formulated formaldehyde free. SILKATIN is a Brazilian formula developed in Brazil using an evolved method called BIO-ACTIVE technology, a safer and healthier keratin process.

For further information on any KYK Keratin ingredients; refer to the website ( Glyoxylic acid and methylene glycol are two ingredients that release formaldehyde when heat activated. Can be found in formaldehyde free keratin treatments. However we have ENSURED our formulation DOES NOT contain any traces or products with formaldehyde in it, nor does it have ingredients that can be activated into it. It is 100% FORMALDEHYDE FREE.

View complete list of ingredients here. 

SILKATIN is expected to produce softer, straighter, smoother results for your hair. It helps to reduce frizz and fly aways leaving the hair relaxed and tamed. It helps minimise your styling time significantly. You can expect to simply walk out of the shower and dry your hair off for straighter smoother results.

All hair types vary with results, however, we guarantee straighter results with this treatment. It will leave your hair shinier and healthier with all the proteins and ingredients formulated in the product. It will help rejuvenate your hair shaft and repair damage.  

No hair loss or damage will be caused as a result of this treatment, when carried out properly and as instructed. 

NOTE: Your hair may naturally be falling out during the treatment as you iron & blow wave your hair. According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, it is normal to lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair per day.

There are a few variables that will determine the duration of the process, such as hair length, thickness and hair type. The process can take on average 3 to 4 hours.

This treatment is made by a professional for professional use only. Have this treatment carried out by someone qualified and trained in this process to ensure the best and safest results. 

If the colour application does not involve bleach then it is recommended to colour before the treatment but keep in mind that there might be a slight change in the shade of colour by one tone after SILKATIN is completed. If you choose to colour your hair (without bleach) after the treatment then be mindful that the keratin may slightly break down as a result. If this happens; use the Keratin Repair and Restore Hair Mask as aftercare.It is best to always colour before keratin by atleast 4-6 weeks to allow your hair a resting period.

Use ammonia free colours as this will help maintain the integrity of the treatment. If bleach is involved then it is recommended to do this before SILKATIN as it is a harsh chemical that strips the hair shaft and thus would break down the treatment significantly. If the treatment changes the tone of the colour and requires bleach afterwards then it is best to use a 20% bleach solution or a toner to help with fixing the colour. Wait a minimum of four weeks before applying any further chemicals to your hair to avoid compromising the integrity of your hair.

Yes, you can style your hair as you desire. We prefer products that consist of keratin and that are sulphate, ammonia and paraben free to help increase the duration of the treatment lasting in your hair shaft. 

SILKATIN can be done on all hair types from straight, wavy to very curly and coiled hair. However, it might not be the best suited treatment for those with very thin or fine hair. This treatment is a relaxer and will minimise frizz which is what helps add thickness to the hair strands and as a result will make the hair appear thinner and less voluminous.

The process is slightly dofferent for those with very curly hair, instead of washing out (step 2) Silkatin Reconstruction 100%, it is recommended to wash it out only 80%.

SILKATIN is an oil based treatment which helps with leaving the hair softer and smoother. If the treatment is applied incorrectly (directly on the scalp) this can cause irritation for some clients, may leave temporary flakes as a result and can result with slightly oily hair. If this happens to you the flakes and oil will go away as you wash and massage your scalp, with time.

All KYK Keratin Products are NOT tested on animals.

Yes SILKATIN is VEGAN, as a vegetable alternative has been used to animal derived keratin. The vegetable alternatives to animal derived keratin is obtained through the hydrolysis of wheat peptidea, soy, rice, corn and other cereals. It has the function of recovering the wires, bringing more strength, hydration and shine repairing the hair.

Yes, these 3 products have been developed not only as a Home Care kit for keratin treated hair but also for any consumer to use as part of their regular hair care routine. 

Yes, SILKATIN and the KYK Keratin home care trio have been formulated and packaged as unisex products. Suitable for both Males and Females. 

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