Keratin Pro Relaxer Treatment

KYK Keratin Pro Relaxer treatment is proudly formulated & made in Australia by the founder of KYKHAIR and KYK Hair Care…… Kristina Youssef. Developed by a professional for professionals, this treatment will temporarily realign the sulphur bridges of the hair shaft allowing the hair to change its shape and appearance. 

The purpose of the KYK Keratin Pro Relaxer Treatment is to eliminate frizz, flyaways and help rejuvenate the hair strands with a boost of nutrition such as Keratin (protein), Vitamin F, Argan and Ceramides. It is designed to also help flatten and relax the cortex of the hair, temporarily straightening it. As a result, producing easy to manage hair. Not only will you save time styling but you will also have the benefits of shiny, smooth, softer hair with minimal heat contact.

The professional kit contains three bottles each in 500ml: Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo (step 1) Protein Infused Reconstruction (step 2) and Conditioning Mask (step 3). Instructions and FAQ’s included.

Does not contain formaldehyde, parabens, ammonia or any harmful chemicals. Not tested on animals and is not genetically modified. 

All three bottles are watermelon scented and 500mL. NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE. 

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