Magic Dust Volume Powder

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Christa Madison (British Columbia, Canada)
Honest review

I have never been so impressed with a hair product. Honestly. This isn’t too “hard”’where you can’t brush through it, the pump is amazing and the volume you get is insane! I’m definitely won over!

Katherine Allam (New South Wales, Australia)

One of the best new hair products of late. Will be purchasing more for mum and daughter. Tried on them both and they both love it as much as I do. Works perfectly for the best texture. For very fine hair, I’d recommend spraying into a cup and using a powder brush.

LISA CURTIS (England, United Kingdom)
My Top Styling Product

As a bridal stylist I’m constantly trying new products, when I find one that works I never switch, I had been searching for a texture powder for some time, I just couldn’t find one that suited all hair types and textures, when working with darker coloured hair it would leave the hair with a dull/grey look and I would be so disappointed with the outcome.
The moment I discovered KYK Magic Dust has been a complete game changer it has enabled me to be more creative with my styling as I 100% trust this product, I can create volume and texture in my boho styles without making the hair feel dull or overloaded in product, I would highly recommend this product to any stylists looking at learning bridal hairstyling.

Shabnam Ahmed (New South Wales, Australia)
The only volume power I ever need !

This has changed the game! I love using this on all my clients for all my hairstyles! I have so much FOMO around not having it in my kit that I leave one in the car… just in case 😅

Hannah Carboni (Victoria, Australia)
Flat girl gone Voom!

From a very naturally flat haired woman, this product gave me the VaVavoom I have been after! Amazing. Easy to use, never look back product!! I have tried everything to get that ‘bed head’ style, KyK powder is second to none. No yucky after affects, sensational results and my otherwise thin, flat hair looks awesome! 🤩 Thank you!!! Xxx

Jodi Heming (New South Wales, Australia)

I have used numerous brands of powders, lifting sprays but NOTHING beats this one, for me it's all about my boof and boy can I get my boof. Magic in a can. Thankyou

Michelle S (New South Wales, Australia)
Amazing volume

Love this powder, love how it pumps from the bottle too.
Gives great volume and is easy to use

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